Examination Management System

We are with you from Registration ... to the Printing of Result.

Examination Management System

Summary We are pleased to offer this Examination Management IT Services for your review. The method has been created with your needs and budget in mind, and we are confident you’ll find that it offers great value to Organization.

Proposed Solution Our managed IT services are designed to support growing institutions by offering fully managed technology solutions at an affordable cost. Our approach is to implement a lean, scalable solution with a proactive approach to problem solving that keeps your systems operating at peak performance at a >99% rate.

For the past few years, we have successfully proven the concept of automating of examination centre, registration process, Computer Based Testing, and examination result reporting. The scripting will was MySQLi i=improved version which will make the overall website experience for our clients easy.

Login PIN: A 8 character Login Pin (combination of numbers and letters) will be generated; This is the only medium a candidate can have access to the registration form on the website in order to register for the exam.

Registration: A Registration form will be designed to collect candidates' data which includes passport photo, candidate's details and school's details. Upon submission of forms, a photocard will be generated containing examination numbers and passport photo size of the candidate, exams centre, with google map direction will be generated immediately.

Seat Tag: Every candidate will have a seat tag which will be stick to his/her seat before the exams day.

Answer Sheets: A customized OMR form will be designed. We also have an optional package whereby we can also include the name and exam number bubbles shaded of each candidate. This prevents a candidate from shading other candidates' examination number. This will reduce result releasing timeframe to the minimal.

Marking: Our exam marking services designed to score and analyse Single Best Answers (SBAs). We are proud to provide reliable and fast services. Tests are processed and results dispatched within 24 hours. (2,000 copies)

Release Result Online: Result will be release within 2 weeks after the examination.

Hard Copy of Result: Hard copies will be dispatched third week after exams day.

Other Features: Schools can print a PDF report of their students’ examination results also have the ability to store and archive past data.

Dashboard: A customised Dashboard will be created; which will allows officials have a quick overview of the registration progress. At-a-glance you will be able to know the total number of registered candidate at each centre/State, registration in progress, numbers of used Login Pins and unused PINs.